Manuela Maroli ( Italy )
Lives and works in Turin.

Manuela Maroli ( August 8, 1982 ) is a transdisciplinary artist, she has been active as body artist since 1999.

With her work she explores poetic and visual languages through the body, her main Medium of expressive research; she works in the field of performance art, action poetry and extreme body art, using photography as an extension and documentary support to her artistic practice, working with a poetic bodily approach.

In 2013 she dedicated herself to various studies and started her own research in Performance art. In 2014 she founded the artistic collective Svergin_Arte , aimed to create new realities of artistic aggregation / expression and new artistic / poetic horizons. Since 2015 she is one of the co-founder members of the international artistic collective known as The other society. She has participated at Shingle22J Biennale ( Italy, 2014 ), BIBART Biennale ( Italy, 2017 ), Deformes Triennale ( Chile, 2020 ), Biennale Internazionale della Murgia ( Italy, 2022 ).

She has performed around Italy and Europe.

Through performance art projects, she started collaborations with other artists, among them Ilaria Palomba, Rahman Hak – Hagir, Juan Carlos Villalba, Miguel Gomez, Maciej von Biberstein, Erica Gornati, Bahar H and others. She is the founder and chief curator of the international platform “I support performance art“, aimed to support performance artists from all over the world and to share the history of Performance art.

Since 2015 she also create tangible artworks using various media and techniques: collage,conceptual art, photography and video; the artist defined them as “Essential artworks”.

Since autumn 2018 she is part of the artistic Duo “Sacrificium Viduae“, a project of performative literature, created by Ariase Barretta, italian writer and PhD in Hispanic Literature at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Since august 2022 she is part of the artistic Duo “MVBMM” with Maciej von Biberstein , polish painter, photographer and performance artist.

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