‘I feel you’ with Juan Carlos Villalba, 2017

Juan Carlos Villalba & Manuela Maroli, I FEEL YOU, 2017

Naked, facing each Other.
Flowers in our hands, we tear them apart and let them fell with our solitude.
Connecting by white threads, we wrap them around our bodies. 
We are here with all our emotions and feelings.
“I feel you” is the desire to meet the Other, the need to communicate, to share moments, to not feel ashame of our fears or fragilities. 
“I feel you” is to respect the Other. 
“I feel you” is to welcome, to reach out, to open doors.
“I feel you” is pure poetic gesture, is love act.
“I feel you” is Agape.

Text by: Manuela Maroli
Art/direction & Concept: Juan Carlos Villalba & Manuela Maroli

Photography/artistic assistance: Gaetano Martino
Date/Location: November, 2017 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife ( SPAIN )


My name is Juan Carlos Villalba del Castillo. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1964, but I live in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain since 1998 …In Venezuela I studied graphic design, theater, music and singing. In 2016, in Madrid, I began my way through a practically new discipline for me such as performance art (in Venezuela I participated in some performances but sporadically) … A discipline that caught me, in the best sense of the word and , since then, every day that passes I like it more and more …I have participated in workshops in Spain (Gran Canaria, Madrid, Tenerife and Valencia), Italy and Mexico and presented performances in Spain (Formentera), Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Cyprus, Latvia and Norway.



MANUELA MAROLI (born in Turin in 1982) is an Italian based performance artist who began her career in 1999. In 2013 she dedicated herself to various studies and started her own research in Performance Art. Since 2015 she is a member of the international artist collectives known as THE OTHER SOCIETY and AN ARMY of Artists. She is the founding member of the artist collective known as SVERGIN_ARTE and chief curator of the international platform “I support performance art“.